is a site devoted to the restoration of timber wolves to the Adirondack State Park. This site is owned and operated by the Northeast Ecological Recovery Society.

The Northeast Ecological Recovery Society is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1994. We are dedicated to ecological stabilization, environmental protection and restoration of native species.

The Northeast Ecological Recovery Society would like to thank: Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Stacy Heller Budnick, Jennifer Breitkopf, and the late Paul C. Soffron; for donating there beautiful art work to this website.

We would like to thank Peter O'Shea (Naturalist) for being on our advisory board and for his monthly updates on what animals are rooming the Adirondack wilderness. Peter is a retied New York City Police Detective and an excellent naturalist. If one needs to know what ecological processes are taking place in the woods of the Adirondacks. Just ask Peter! Thanks Pete for all of your help.

The Northeast Ecological Recovery Society would like to give a special thanks to: Dr.David Mech (Senior Research Scientist Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center:Wolf Project), Dr.Dougles W.Smith (Yellowstone National Park's Wolf Project leader), Dr.Robert Crabtree (Yellowstone Ecological Research Project leaded), Danny Groebner (New Mexico & Arizona Wolf Project),Rich McIntyre (Yellowstone Wolf Project), Dr. Rolf O.Peterson, and to all of the other great scientist and volunteers working to help change peoples attitudes towards wolves.




President & Co-founder:
Joseph S. Butera

Vice President
& Co-founder:
Linda Severs

Vice President & Co-founder:
Joel A. Gallob, J.D.

Treasurer & Co-founder:
Lori Stein Butera

Vice President:
Larry Levinson, Esq.

Frank Vincent


Frans C. Verhagen. Ph.D.
(Energy Sociologist)

Wildman Steve Brill

Peter Warny

Desmond Johnson. Ph.D. (Biochemist)

Evan C.Dribbon, DVM.
(Wildlife Photographer)

Kurt Wolff
(Dog Trainer)

Richard Adams. Ph.D.

Mike Rosen
 (Biologist, Technologist)

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